Conferência - E-Scrap 2012

Olá Pessoal, Saiu a programação do Congresso que vai acontecer durante a E-Scrap Conference 2012 em Dallas/EUA, durante os dias 19 e 20 de Setembro, que contará com a minha participação como palestrante, falando sobre o mercado brasileiro de reciclagem de equipamentos eletroeletrônicos.

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2012 Conference Agenda

WEDNESDAY, September 19th

Plenary Session I: Thinking About the Big Picture

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of our jobs and companies. This important session offers a bird's eye view by focusing on the critical, high-level issues in today's e-scrap recycling world. By offering a glimpse at the big picture, three key individuals shed light on the what the current trends and issues might mean for the future of our industry.


CONSUMER ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY INCREASES RECYCLING Spearheaded by CEA, the eCycling Leadership Initiative, which is also known as the Billion Pound Challenge, represents a collaboration among consumer electronics manufacturers, retailers, collectors, processors, non-governmental organizations and governments at all levels. With a 53-percent increase in electronics recycling rates from 2010, the eCycling Leadership Initiative has proven remarkably successful in its first year. The president and CEO of CEA shares valuable information about how they will work towards a national solution to the costly and confusing patchwork of state regulations. -- Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association

BEST BUY TAKE-BACK SUCCESS Through savvy business relationships with electronics processors and by leveraging their extensive network, Best Buy's take-back recycling program has matured into a profitable venture. What have they learned in the process and what do they see on the horizon? Best Buy's senior director of environmental sustainability shares the retailer's perspective about where electronics product stewardship is headed. -- Leo Raudys, Best Buy

Plenary Session II:

The Wide World of E-Scrap Recycling

This session features three fascinating perspectives on what's happening in the e-scrap recycling industry outside of the U.S. Learn about the newly-formed coalition of Brazilian e-cyclers, find out more about the challenges and successes of Canada's electronics stewardship programs and get the latest updates on the future of WEEE in Europe. -- Moderator: Suzanne Rudzinski, U.S. EPA

BRAZILIAN TRENDS The nascent Brazilian Association of Electro and Electronics Recycling Companies (ABERE) brings together Brazilian e-cyclers to improve markets for e-scrap, craft legislation and generally promote electronics recycling best practices and disseminate helpful information to improve managing end-of-life electronics. This presentation offers an overview of the organization, as well as a sharp perspective on trends in the Brazilian e-scrap industry. -- Marcus Oliveira, Brazilian Association of Electro and Electronics Recycling Companies

CANADIAN STEWARDSHIP EFFORTS The advent of the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) demonstrates the commitment of Canada's leading electronics OEMs and retailers to harmonizing regulated electronics stewardship. The CEO of EPRA offers an overview of the association's growing network of regulated provincial programs, national governance structure and its investment in strategic shared services like the qualification office for processors and performance measurement frameworks. The challenges of creating an effective coast-to-coast network of programs will also be addressed. -- Cliff Hacking, Electronic Products Recycling Association WHAT'S NEXT FOR WEEE? As the European Union welcomes WEEE 2.0, the resultant changes represent a new challenge for member states, producers and recyclers. Are the market targets feasible? What are the risks and opportunities during the upcoming implementation? What's the status of WEEELABEX update and the ongoing CENELEC standardization? These questions, and more, will be answered in this expert analysis of the WEEE flows in the EU. -- David Scuderi, Samsung Electronics European Headquarters

Concurrent Session A: Big Issues with State Programs

In the past decade, 25 states have established a program for recycling electronics. What have been the positive and negative impacts of these systems, and what does the future hold? In this compelling session coordinated by the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC), a diverse panel will pick up the discussion from ERCC's in-depth workshop from the day before. -- Moderator: Jason Linnell, National Center for Electronics Recycling


-- Walter Alcorn, Consumer Electronics Association

-- Garth Hickle, Minnesota Pollution Prevention Agency

Concurrent Session B: A Closer Look at Downstream Issues

What's happening downstream? This session explores the processing side of the e-scrap recycling industry, including an analysis of processors who shred, an assessment of the oversupply of CRT glass and other relevant downstream issues. -- Moderator: Peter Prinz, Independent Consultant

FOLLOW THE SHRED Who is shredding what and where is it all going? E-Scrap News has exhaustively surveyed all of the processors – big and small – that use large shredders to process scrap electronics and we have found out how that material is sorted after it's pulverized. Come to this session to find out where shredding is happening and where it's going. -- Dylan de Thomas, E-Scrap News

TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS: THE CRT GLASS MARKET More and more CRT tubes are being collected and processed, but end-use markets are stagnating or declining. Is CRT glass destined to be landfilled? Are we reaching the crisis stage? The staff of E-Scrap News has undertaken research to get a better handle on the today's market dynamics and potential technical solutions to the current oversupply of CRT glass. -- Jerry Powell, E-Scrap News

Concurrent Session C: Market Opportunities for Refurbishment

Hear from refurbishers and recyclers who are finding new market opportunities and learn more about some of the external factors, such as government and industry agendas, behind these opportunities. In this session, coordinated by PC Rebuilders & Recyclers and Microsoft, panelists will discuss the role of new products and new partnerships.

-- Moderator: Willie Cade, PC Rebuilders & Recyclers

GRAPHS THAT MAKE YOU THINK This presentation examines an eclectic selection of research and how it influences some of Microsoft’s approaches to reuse and recycling, including Microsoft’s refurbisher programs. A particular focus includes how the refurbisher programs offer new business opportunities both for Microsoft and its partners. --Sean Nicholson, Microsoft


OVERVIEW OF WINDOWS MULTIPOINT SERVER This presentation offers an overview of Windows MultiPoint Server. Particular focus will be paid to the benefits of using MultiPoint for a computer lab compared to individual computers, hardware and installation recommendations, a review of licensing, software and access devices for MultiPoint and how to purchase it. --Charles Brennick, Interconnection

Concurrent Session D: Metrics and Measurement

You've heard it over and over again: How can you manage what you can't measure? This session explores three distinct efforts to improve measurements in the e-scrap industry: the effectiveness of take-back programs, a comparison of salaries across the industry and a new standard for mobile phones. -- Moderator: Bob Johnson, NAID

PRODUCT TAKE-BACK EFFECTIVENESS METRICS Take-back programs have become a key indicator of an organization's commitment to sustainability, yet communicating the effectiveness of a consumer electronics take-back program is greatly hindered by the lack of a consistent approach to assessing, synthesizing and reporting the different components. This presentation features an overview of the important work the EOL Innovation Workgroup at The Sustainability Consortium has been doing to supply the necessary metrics to describe an effective take-back program, regardless of organization. -- Carole Mars, The Sustainability Consortium

WHAT'S IT WORTH TO YOU? Placing a dollar sign on the value of an employee is a daunting task and so we often look to others in the industry to determine what salary is appropriate for a particular job. How does your company stack up against your competitors? Factoring in facility size, company size, title, education and a host of other aspects, groundbreaking research by E-Scrap News delves deep into the details of compensation in the e-scrap industry. This critical session is a prime opportunity for both employers and employees to get a better sense of this under-explored issue. -- Henry Leineweber, E-Scrap News

SUSTAINABILITY FOR MOBILE PHONES: CREATING A GREEN LIFE CYCLE Though small in size and relatively short-lived, cell phones, smart phones and other mobile electronic devices can have an enormous environmental impact. With an average lifespan of less than 18 months per device, consumers dispose of an astounding 350,000+ mobile phones every day. UL Environment has developed a multi-attribute sustainability standard for mobile phones and this presentation will address the vigorous process and the creative journey to initiating the UL ISR 110 standards. -- Bill Hoffman, UL Environment

THURSDAY, September 20th

Plenary Session III: Trends in Metal Markets

This comprehensive session explores the latest trends and future projections for a variety of metal markets. Whether you need to learn more about copper, aluminum, gold, silver, palladium, platinum or ferrous metals, this session will answer your questions and leave you with a solid understanding of what to expect in the coming year.

-- Moderator: Joe Pickard, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

PREPARE FOR VOLATILITY: OUTLOOKS FOR COPPER AND ALUMINUM The economic and financial climate is presently very uncertain for copper and aluminum markets. What's happening now and what does the future hold? This presentation features an expert analysis of the present and future conditions of copper and aluminum markets, taking into account likely developments and potential risks, all within the context of a broader global economic outlook. -- William Adams, FastMarkets

PRECIOUS METALS AND THE GLOBAL ECONOMY An expert analyst with four decades of experience in commodities markets offers an informed prognosis for global economic conditions in the coming years, with a particular focus on price trends in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. An overview of current conditions in the e-scrap recycling of precious metals will also be offered. -- Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group

THE FUTURE OF FERROUS SCRAP This presentation features a insightful assessment of ferrous scrap price volatility and opportunities for ferrous scrap hedging. Key issues to be addressed include trends in scrap price volatility, projections for future levels of volatility, existing risk management options/futures and swap contracts, correlation of existing contracts to physical scrap prices and important risk management concepts for the scrap industry. -- Spencer Johnson, INTL FCStone

Concurrent Session E: Charting a Different Course: Recycling Smaller Devices

This session explores key aspects of the trend towards smaller devices. Learn more about the new Device Renewal Forum and what they hope to achieve with mobile phone recycling, hear from iFixit about the relationship between shrinking device size and repairability, and get the latest information on Call2Recycle's EPR approach to battery recycling.

-- Moderator: Mark Latham, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

THE DEVICE RENEWAL FORUM What are the goals of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF)? The chairman of the DRF offers an overview of trends with wireless, the need for a certification program for refurbished devices and how the DRF is changing how companies can get involved in changing the way mobile devices are recycled, refurbished and resold. -- Perry LaForge, Device Renewal Forum

PRODUCT DESIGN AND REPAIRABILITY OF NEW, SMALLER TECHNOLOGY As devices become smaller and smaller we're seeing a trade-off between portability and repairability. But what are the implications of this for the e-scrap industry and what options exist on the product design side? Kyle Wiens, CEO of the popular repair website iFixit, will share a compelling analysis of the current trend towards less repairable electronics devices and will also discuss Apple's departure from, and subsequent return to, EPEAT. -- Kyle Wiens, iFixit

NORTH AMERICA'S CAPACITY FOR CONSUMER BATTERIES North America has been slow to regulate the disposal of consumer batteries and, while some states and provinces have attempted to regulate disposal of certain battery chemistries, only recently have jurisdictions begun to embrace an extended producer responsibility (EPR) approach. With almost 400 million people in the U.S. and Canada, combined, the quantity of disposed batteries is significant. This presentation features Call2Recycle's unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of EPR for battery disposal. -- Carl Smith, Call2Recycle

Concurrent Session F: The Latest in Certification Issues

This session will get you completely up-to-date on what's happening with certification, including a glimpse into what EH&S professionals think is on the horizon.

-- Moderator: Jeff Sacre, CHWMEG

AN UPDATE ON E-STEWARDS -- Sarah Westervelt, Basel Action Network

AN UPDATE ON THE R2 STANDARD This presentation will focus on the current status and future trajectory of the R2 Standard. It will consider the high growth rate R2 has experienced to date, with over 250 facilities currently certified. And it will discuss the upcoming launch of R2:2013, which will involve revisions to the standard, as well as significant changes to the overall R2 program and how it is administered. -- John Lingelbach, R2 Solutions

EHS PROFESSIONALS PREDICT THE FUTURE Where will we be in five-to-10 years? This is the foundation of recent research by Greeneye Partners which solicited opinions from EH&S professionals on how they see the future demands for their position and the subsequent implications about where compliance is headed. -- Kelley Keogh, Greeneye Partners

Plenary Session IV: Export Issues

Export is always a contentious issue, but ascertaining hard data about the details of what's happening remains difficult. This session features two expert analysts who will share their efforts to better understand the complex export situation.

-- Moderator: Name, Affiliation

BAYESIAN TRUTH SERUM SURVEY In Spring 2012, dozens of representatives from U.S. e-scrap firms provided their anonymous opinions on the activity of e-scrap destined for export to developed and developing country regions. A collaborative team of researchers from MIT Materials Systems Laboratory, National Center for Electronics Recycling and E-Scrap News utilized the novel "Bayesian Truth Serum" method to score respondents' answers based on expertise, with the expectation that the most accurate answers were those selected by experts. Expertise was demonstrated by respondents' chosen answers as well as their ability to predict other respondent's answers. Results of the survey update previous estimates of U.S. e-scrap export activity. ­- Reed Miller, MIT Material Systems Laboratory

FOLLOWING THE FLOW The U.S. International Trade Commission has been exploring the export of used electronic products and, in particular, the characteristics of exported items, foreign markets, end uses and the factors affecting the decision to export these materials. A senior international trade analyst will share the latest updates on this critical report, including an overview of the research process, a discussion of the public hearing and the questionnaire process.


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